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Teaching Portfolio

 Laurie Baccardax




Enclosed you will find the following things:






Philosophy of Teaching



How I maintain and develop a positive learning environment

 Build a feeling of trust in the classroom.

Child Development

 Every child is unique and so too is their development. Not every child learns in the same way, therefore, teachers must vary their teaching strategies to accommodate all children in his/her classroom.

Here is a list of strategies that I use in my classroom to address this issue:




Discipline and Classroom Management




Instructional and Assessment Strategies

Here is a list of strategies I use in my classroom:


Here is a list of strategies that I use in my classroom:

I have found that a variety of teaching and assessment strategies allows for more success among your students. As I said before, all children are different, they will excel in different areas of your class.


Special Talents and Abilities – Related Experience